About the Civil Society Knowledge E-Corner

The E-Corner is a space to share acquired knowledge, tools, good practices, guidelines and analysis in order to support the work of civil society organisations, with particular focus on those who are members of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF).

Over the years, CSF events and common initiatives have stressed the similarity of problems and obstacles faced by NGOs across Europe despite the multiple social, economic and political environments they work in. The CSF E – Corner comes as an answer to the need for a stable, accessible platform for exchanging solutions and approaches to those problems. Events like the Annual CSF General Assemblies provide space for debate but lack the continuity needed to shape and systematise specific solutions to singular problems.

In line with the CSF’s mission (“increase and facilitate interaction and cooperation between civil society organisations from across Russia and EU member states as well as promoting people-to-people exchanges”), this initiative will build bridges between EU and Russia civil society organisations by means of multilateral learning and sharing expertise.

The E- Corner is a modest effort to create an online library and resources centre, mainly focused on gathering and producing contents of practical usability for CSF members but also other NGOs outside the Forum. Its overall objective is to enrich the existing know-how of civil society organisations by sharing knowledge and tools.